Friday, September 5, 2014

Starting a New Year.

           This is in 8th grade I am looking forward starting a brand new year with all my friends and all the experiences that we might encounter this year. I'm excited to playing all my favorite sports, competing against other schools, and making myself better in sports and academics.
           Skills I have that will help me this year is always keep going when things get hard. I think this is important because eighth grade is going to be harder and more like high school. I also think having social skills will help me this year because we will probably being doing more partners/group projects. The last skill I think will help me is being able to talk in front of a group of people. I get some what nervous talking in front of other people so I think it is a skill I need to improve. I have a feeling I will be using it a lot when I'm older.
           Some of the challenges I think I will encounter this school year is time management because I spend so much time on such a small project I don't have time to work on any other projects or assignments. Procrastination is another challenge I may encounter this year because I get easily distracted.
          My goals this year is to get into a good routine of turning in my homework on time, improving my weaker skills,like talking in front of classes, and reading all the books to complete the goal contract. These are my goals because I think they will make me successful in this school year and will improve me.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Field Trip to Hannibal

       We started our Mark Twain unit by splitting up into groups and making a Google presentation. Each person was assigned different websites and different facts about Twain. After the whole class finished, each group presented in front of the class. A few days later we went to Hannibal, Missouri to see the Mark Twain museums and caves. When we first arrived in Hannibal, our first stop was the Boyhood Museum and all of the houses. After we finished with all of the museums, our next stop was a riverboat ride. On the riverboat we saw an island that Mark Twain based on of his stories off of. Then after we got off the boat, we took 244 stairs up to a lighthouse and 244 stairs all the way down. Our final stop was the Mark Twain caves. Twain explored these caves as a young boy but he also used them as setting some of his stories.
      My favorite part of the field trip was going to the caves because they were fascinating and fun to learn about. There were a lot of rocks that they named like Alligator and Devil's Backbone. Some parts of the cave was wide enough that you could walk two people side by side but at other times you had to walk just by yourself. Another interesting thing about the caves is there is a lot of smoked signatures for the 1800s to the early 1900s.
      The most fun part of the field trip was the little shops that were set up like it was when Mark Twain was a boy. I thought that was the most fun because you could discover little things and roam and wonder with your friends.
      I would change having a longer cave tour because there looked to be more tunnels and other things to learn about and because they were really fun.
     I think the research helped me because I knew what the guides were talking about and our research was the basic knowledge of Mark Twain but the field trip was deeper into his life.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Journal Letter

Dear Ms.Nelson,
I'm reading "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. One thing I've already realized from this book is that the smallest things you do will effect them in a different way. It may not seem like something big but it could put them over the edge.
This book makes me think of what's happening in the real world because teenagers are becoming more depressed and ending up like the girl in this book. Teenagers are bullying more kids in person but even worse online. If we could be nice to one another this wouldn't be such a big problem.
I like the world this author created because he just had to look around a regular high school. Yeah, there might be a few that is a really nice school or the opposite. Asher didn't create a made up world that you wish you could leave in. It's the ugly truth of what's going on every day at schools or at home.
The most important thing in the book seems to be the tapes because it seems that nobody knew why she killed herself. I think she made the tapes because Hannah only wanted certain people what went they did to lead up to her suicide and she wanted to keep it on the low side and not so public(Hannah seems to be that kind of person). There are 13 tapes(one for every reason she committed suicide). If you got the tapes that means you were one of the reasons why she killed herself.

                                                  Bryanna Popejoy

Monday, May 5, 2014

Stop Motion Animation

1.Our stop motion was called Hand Illusion.  In the beginning, Lura and I had two ideas. We were either going to make a lego Tetris game or the hand illusion. In the end we picked the hand illusion. Lura and I picked the hand illusion because it was an original idea and it looked more fun to film. The first day we started filming we thought we took a lot of pictures but I didn't hold down the button long enough so we had to do the beginning again. At the end of our picture taking time we had 743 pictures.
2.I learned how to use iMovie. I learned how to edit pictures, put music into iMovie, put in transitions and credits, and I learned how to use iDVD.
3.I think the best part of our movie was the beginning because I liked how the music went with that part and I thought Lura's hand wiping away the tittle screen was unique and fun.
4.The hardest part of making our movie was the finger roll because it was difficult to make it seem smooth and fluent.
5.We could improve our by making sure the zoom is in the same place every time. Also we could improve placing the hand in the same spot every time more accurately.
6.I wouldn't have a job in stop motion animation because you have to get every little thing perfect every time and it takes a lot of time to film one scene. And if you mess up one thing in the last shot you have to start over.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

National History Day

            Our History Day project was called "Three Jacks of a Kind". Brittan and I named it that because our project was about three Jacks, Jackie Robinson, Jack Johnson, and Jack Trice. We chose these three people because they made the biggest impact in history.  They stood up against racism to play the sport they loved.  Brittan and I chose to do people in sports because we both enjoy sports and chose to do an exhibit because we are both crafty and enjoy doing hands on activities.  Our thesis statement was "Racism in sports had lead to conflict, hate crimes and even deaths. The players have the rights to be treated fairly and equally no matter their race.  It's the responsibilities of the foundation or coaches to make sure they got those rights.
           The best part of our project, I think, was doing a tri-fold because it was challenging and it was fun to create something that was hands-on instead of doing a computer project.  When both Brittan and I are assigned a project in class, we usually do a computer project. So this time we wanted to expand our horizons by challenging ourself and making an exhibit.
           We would improve quite a few things because looking at the other projects, it seemed like they had been working on them since the start of the year.  The first thing I wold change is our thesis statement was to hard to read and not low enough for the judges to see.  The second thing we needed work on was our bibliography and annotations because we had a little mess up with putting our primary sources first and then our secondary sources after that.  Another thing is finding more time to work on it together so that the work isn't one sided.
          I think the hardest part of the whole process is getting things turned in on time because we wanted everything to be perfect but it took a long time to make sure it was exactly the way we wanted it.  Another hard thing was the word limit.  We had a lot of things we wanted to say but a 500 word limit to say them in.  I think we told the judges more than our board showed we knew.
        The best on Friday was probably seeing all the other projects and meetly new people because it was fun to see how other people to approach to a project like this. I think we both got ideas of what we are gonna do next year and what we should avoid to make our project better than it was this year.  I liked going to see the performances because it was fun to see how they acted and how they put the theme into like a show.
        The best project I saw there was an exhibit of the with trials. I liked this projects because I didn't see any other project on this topic and it was very different.  They didn't just do a tri-fold they had boards made into squares hooked together like a door.  It looked like empty picture frames with string cutting across it. It had very good information and good pictures.
        Our topic relates to the theme because it is the player's rights to be able to do the sport they love and not be hated for it or called names. It's the foundation's or coaches job to make sure that the players get those rights. These three stories exemplifies and embodies these rights and responsibilities.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Journal Letter #2

                                                                                                                                            Code Orange
    Dear Ms. Nelson,
This book surprises me because it was kind of an action/survival/diseases.  I didn't expect any of the people he tried to contact would come and get him. Or I didn't think they would throw him into their basement. But I thought he was smart because he played like he was dying from small pox so that when the "bad guys" came to get him he was really not sick.
This book made me cringe because he was describing the effects of small pox.  He went really thorough into describing the blisters and what not.  He also told us some of the theories on how they treated small pox such as blowing crushed up small pox scabs into another person's nose or by using cow pox.
Code Orange makes me think about the world's future because what if someone out there did really find small pox scabs and has touched them or smelled them.  What if he/she spreads it on to more and more people on purpose or accident.  Then small pox would be recreated.  Another out-break would happen and a lot of people would die.
I think the ending of this book was fairly good.  It summed everything up well, but I wish it would've had a suspense ending and then the author made another book with either the same disease or another story with the third book combining the two stories.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Journal Letter

Dear Ms.Nelson,
                   I just finished Matched so I'm writing this journal letter about Matched.
                   This is book makes me think about how the society's effects on young teens because in this book Cassia makes a decision to either stick with your match and the government's choices or go with your heart and pick your ''would've been match". I also think this book makes you think about how maybe your friends influence how you think because you could go with their ideas or your thoughts.
                  I would want to talk to Cassia in real life because I want to know if it was her choice or the Officials choice that made her love Ky. I think now that the Officials have told her the whole story behind the Ky problem, she wants to be with him even more and now that she knows there is some connection to Ky she wants to be with him instead of Xander. So I think that in some way the Officials had some influence on who she wants to be with.
                         I see Cassia turning into someone who breaks all the rules to find Ky instead of being like her mother you tries to follow all the rules and sticks with the government because she is confused about who she likes.

                          Bryanna Popejoy