Monday, June 1, 2015

Documentary Project

     The process A.J. and I went through to make our documentary was we first picked a topic.  We had cupcakes pop right into our heads and agreed on it.  Then we thought of people who have cupcake businesses in town. Our two businesses were Yummies and Cravin Cupcakes. We chose Cravin Cupcakes because Janan focussing just on cupcakes while Yummies is more of a restaurant.  Then we set up an interview with Janan Twohill.  After our interview, we researched the background of cupcakes and other things that would fit with out movie.  We put in the pictures first and then recorded our voice over.  After we did that, we inserted the interview and added an ending.  Once it was all put together, we tweaked it to make it as perfect  as possible.

    Some interesting facts I learned about cupcakes was that the company that first started making paper cupcake liners was actually an artillery company. This company made more money by selling cupcake liners and stopped making artillery altogether.

    Things I learned about filmmaking it's good to have an even balance of facts and interview. For me, if there's too much interview I get bored and too much facts will make me lost.  I also learned that the pictures have to improve your point and be correct about what you are talking about. If the pictures don't flow the viewer will most likely get confused.

     To me, the whole documentary made me proud because I put a lot of effort and time into making the movie.  I feel proud that I made something and that I get to show off what I learned about cupcakes.   Also I'm proud that I learned a lot of new skills in something that was foreign to me.

     I would improve having more facts and less interview. Like I mentioned earlier, having too much interview makes a movie to me.  I would've liked to have more of a focused topic as well.  I felt that our movie was about many different topics and didn't have one focus.

     My advice for the next group is make sure you get what you need to get done and have one main idea or topic.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Des Moines Trip

    The eighth grade GOAL class recently took a trip to Des Moines and visited many different places.  We went to museums, art galleries, and the science center for an IMAX movie. Personally my favorite part of the trip was going to the art galleries because I've never been to one and I wasn't for sure I was going to like it as much as I did.  I never would have thought that Iowa would have priceless pieces of art from very famous artist like Georgia O'Keeffe. I also enjoyed the art gallery because it had many different kinds of arts not just paintings. I think the experience overall was new and very enjoyable.
     Before we went into the art museum, we were assigned to find four paintings that fit the following; favorite painting, why is it ART?, best example of "art", and celebrity award.  The piece of art that was my favorite was the neon sculpture. The top bars are neon lights that are orange. One side is blue and the other is green.  This was my favorite piece of art because it seemed like a happy sculpture.  It seemed as if the sculpture was yelling, "LOOK AT ME!". It was very fun and vibrant.            The art piece that won the "why is this ART?" is this yarn sculpture that has a bunch of different colors hanging down from the ceiling.  I didn't understand why it was art at all because it didn't look like the artist tried that much into hanging these strings of yarn from the ceiling. It also seemed that the yarn didn't represent what the artist was trying to say or what he/she was feeling.
     The piece of art I kind of expected to be there and seemed what would mostly likely be at an art gallery was this painting of a vase with white flower. It also has some oranges is the bottom left corner.  I expected something like this piece to be there because when I think of a painting the first thing that comes to mind is flowers and a vase.  I think a lot of people expect artist to be good at drawing flowers and at some point have a piece like this drawn by the artist.
     My celebrity award went to Georgia O'Keeffe.  Her painting was very abstract.  It has streaks of white, teal, purple, and some green. When I went into the museum, I didn't expect to see any hugely famous artist because I didn't think Iowa would have those kinds of paintings.  Also I think this is another favorite of mine because you can make this piece anything you want it to be because it is so abstract.
     I think the most educational was the tour of Drake.  The tour of Drake gave me a wake up call because now is the time to start shaping my high school career into what I want to study in college.  I also learned that you don't have to know exactly what you want to do when you go to college.  Not only that but the tour gave me the idea that I would like to most likely stay in state and go to college.
     The most fun part of the trip was trip was the IMAX movie because it showed us how they plan on getting more information about outer space.  I learned that NASA plans on sending up a space craft with an inflatable living space and NASA has also come up with the space suits being directly attached to the space vehicle.  I think that's very smart because the astronauts won't have to risk anything from space coming unto the space shuttle.
     I honestly don't think I would change the trip because it went very smoothly and I had a lot of fun. I hope next year's class has a lot of fun as well.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Third Quarter Reflections

     My Images of Greatness project was about Harriet Tubman's life and legacy.  I presented my bio riddle on stage about her life on stage, created a tri-fold with pictures of her, a wanted poster, and lights symbolizing the stars she had to follow to led her through the night. I also wrote an essay explaining the hardships Harriet had during her life.  On the Images of Greatness night, I dressed up as her and carried a basket with a baby and sedatives like she used to during her long journeys on the Underground Railroad.
    My favorite part about the Images of Greatness project was the night that we had to share our food, our bio riddle and our costume because I learned a lot about her and was confident that I knew what I was talking about. Also I enjoyed figuring out how to dress like her and using random things around the house to improvise.  Another part of the night I really like was seeing all the creative food ideas that other people came up with.  I thought it really showed how creative we are and how we can really take the simplest concepts to the next level.
     The two most interesting things I learned during my research was that the slaves used quilt patterns to tell fellow slaves when, what, where, who, etc, would help them escape.  I find this interesting because I think it's really smart of them to use common household objects, like quilt patterns, to give someone that much information.  Another interesting thing I learned while researching was that she was invited to meet the Queen of England.  I didn't really think people of other countries back in that time kept detailed tabs on other countries so when I found out that Harriet was invited to meet the Queen of England, I was surprised.
     The hardest part of my project was presenting my bio riddle because I'm not very comfortable speaking in front of crowds quite yet.  I think this was the hardest part because I don't speak in front of people very often so my skills with public speaking are limited. But I practiced a lot behind the curtain and felt very confident walking on stage. When I was behind the curtain I tried thinking about the good things that will go right instead of the bad things that might happen.
     I improved as a student for two reason. The first one is because I really worked hard on this project and got the things that needed to be done almost right away.  I didn't slack off as much and felt very prepared heading into this project.  The other reason I improved is because I felt more confident on stage with my bio riddle.  I think I did better than I expected because I knew my stuff more and was really ready to just tell the audience what I've been working on the past few months.
     If I could do the whole project over I would probably change my bio riddle and my costume.  I would change my bio riddle because I felt like it needed more details and major facts I would've liked to share with the audience. I would change my costume because I would've liked for it to look more ragged and old rather than new and clean.
     When it comes to the whole experience of this project, I'm most proud of how well I handled how many tasks we had to complete to make it a whole project.  If Mrs.Edlin would've given me this project last year, I would've waited till the last minute to complete everything and it would've not turned out as well as it did.  I felt like this project was a breaking point in how I get school work in general done.
     My suggestions for any GOAL student is don't count on doing it until the last minute.  Even if you don't like it, do it.  Just work through it and get it done now.  Your project will not look as good if you wait and are rushed.
     I think Harriet Tubman is an Image of Greatness because she was determined to have equal rights for everyone and have them be treated fairly no matter skin color, gender, or religion.  Another reason why I think she is an Image of Greatness is because she always chased after her goal and never stopped even when things get rough.
GOAL family
We like our men in uniform
We miss you Brad!

Monday, January 5, 2015

To Kill A Mockingbird Review

        In Goal we read To Kill A Mockingbird.  My opinion on the book was it was outstanding.  I thought the book was a very good lesson not only back when it was published but now in today's world.  To Kill A Mockingbird (the book) was told through the eyes of a little girl in times of prejudice.  The move not so much.  The book was set over a few years time when the movie seemed only a few months.  I think the movie didn't show as much racism as the book explain because only Bob Ewell and family and the setting at the courthouse was the only things that displayed racism. I thought that was a big part they left out because you didn't quite get the full view on what was happening then.  Another part I thought is important the movie left out was when Ms.Maudie's house burnt down for two reasons.  One it showed how close and tight knit the town is and it was the first time that Boo Radley showed up unknowingly.  Also I wish the movie would've shown the concert because quite frankly seeing a dancing ham is uncommon.  Although the book was much better there were some similarities.  I thought the actor playing Atticus played his part very well. He seemed very professional and fatherly like the Atticus in the book.  Some of the lessons I learned was when Dolphus Raymond was always seen as a drunk when in reality he was just drink Coke.  That really made me think about how people just assume the worst or judge a person by how look or what they "drink".

Monday, November 3, 2014

Self Evaluation 1

This quarter I didn't make my reading goal and I think it's because I spent to much time on one book.  My favorite book this quarter was If I Stay by Gayle Freeman because it had a different spin on what people think about death and it was a very good dilemma. I'm looking forward to reading the second one.  The most genre of book I read this quarter was realistic fiction. A lot of the books that are coming out are realistic fiction and I think that's why I've been reading more of that genre rather than any other genre.  A goal I would like to set for 2nd quarter is completing the 10 books and reading more mystery. 
Wiki Post I think this is my best wiki post because it started a lot of discussion and different opinions. I made my wiki goal and my goal for next quarter is to comment to more replies and discussions.  I think I have a growth mindset because I don't always know what teachers/classmates are talking about so I ask them. Or in sports I always want to be better or faster or stronger and I'm willing to work hard to achieve that.  I think what I need to do to improve my mindset is a bigger, better vocabulary because I'm always looking up definitions or asking what bigger words mean. A huge thing that went well in the first quarter was getting my knee fixed and ready to get back at my sports. That lifted a lot of stress off my shoulders so that I could focus even more on school instead of my knee.  Another thing I thought went well was my independent project because I really was enjoying my topic and am really happy how my final project.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Different Minds

          I watched a video of a woman named Temple Grandin. She thinks differently than other people because she has autism . Instead of thinking in words, she thinks in "Google Images" in her mind. This has helped her come up with designs for her cattle farms and a point system for her cattle. I learned that there are many different types of thinkers. Including visual thinkers, verbal thinkers, kinesthetic(body movement), and many more. I think instead of labeling people with differences in learning we should promote them.  Everyone learns differently and should not be made fun of for it. For example, I remember once in fourth grade we were learning about how rain barrels worked. We had to come up with the design for a working rain barrel. We worked and worked and worked for it seemed like forever. When finally someone came up with the perfect design and he had autism. People with autism see things differently. In my example he came up with a design no one could figure out. I think differences in learning is a great thing and it should be encouraged and not resented.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Learning Differences

       I took a few tests to discovery my learning and personality type.  Here are my results. Jung Typology Tests- Extravert 67% Sensing 25% Thinking 12% Judging 50%. Multiple Intelligence Test-4.71 out of 5 body movement, 4 out of 5 musical, 3.29 out of 5 nature.  VARK Questionnaire- visual 8, aural 2, read/write 3, kinesthetic 11.
       These told me that I learn so much better if I'm moving or doing something active. Also musically I would be able to learn easily as well. This information can help me in class because if I'm trying to learn or study for a test, I could think of a song or tap a rhythms on my leg or desk.   Knowing how I learn better helps me because I can use physical activities or music to help me learn or study.